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News! New Wednesday Fitzroy class starts March 21 at Evie's Disco Diner!

Anna's Go-Go Academy. Life changing booty shaking since 2006!


Anna’s one-hour weekly classes run on


Class starts 6:30pm
The Curtin Hotel
29 Lygon St, Carlton


New Fitzroy classes!

Class starts 6:30pm
Evie's Disco Diner
230 Gertrude St, Fitzroy


New Footscray classes!

Class starts 6:30pm
The Reverence Hotel
28 Napier Street, Footscray


Classes cost $15 casual, bargain!

Classes run every week except when they fall on public holidays, and our regular Twistmas holidays in late December/early January.

If you are not sure, then email Anna to confirm at

Click here for Anna's top 5 tips for
Go-go Dancing success!

5. The Basics
It’s important to master the basic go-go dance steps. A sound knowledge of simple and classic steps such as The Pony, Jerk, Swim, and Mashed Potato, will guarantee that with a few simple variations, you’ll look like an extra from an Elvis movie in no time! Try impressing your friends by doing the Pony then adding the Swim, brilliant! (PS, the Swim and Pony combo is called the Seahorse).

4. Outfit choice
Whilst outfit choice is not essential to successful go-go dancing, it can really add that extra 10% to your performance!

DO - try wearing something with fringing on it. While you are nonchalantly doing the Hully Gully, the fringing on your outfit will fly in all directions, making it look like you’re working much harder than you really are!

Or, perhaps try something sparkly - Lurex, rhinestones and sequins catch the light, turning you into a human mirror-ball on the dance floor. Ouch my eyes!

DON’T - wear rubber-soled shoes unless you have no choice (i.e. they have been prescribed by a doctor). The rubber is designed to grip the floor (for sports, so you don’t slip over embarrassingly when running), and this gripping nature of sports shoes will create drag when you are twisting or doing the Mashed Potato. Try some pointy-toed shoes for the gents, and perhaps a nice kitten heel for the ladies.

3. Have a crack!
The most wonderful thing about go-go dancing is that it is a very freeform style of dance, so feel free to express yourself!

Even self-proclaimed uncos can go-go dance with great entertainment value, the secret lies in having a crack! Shake it like a Polaroid Picture and no one will ever suspect that you are currently, or had once been, an unco.

2. Enthusiasm
Enthusiasm is just as important as having a crack. Enthusiasm about the dance you’re doing is essential to your success or failure. To quote from Rufus Thomas, ‘You flap your arms, and your feet start kickin’, then you’ll know, you’re doing the funky chicken!”

A half-arsed attempt at the Funky Chicken will leave you feeling empty and vulnerable, and potentially open to ridicule. An enthusiastic and joyful performance of it, (arms flapping, feet kicking!), will fill you with the satisfaction that can only come from being able to do the Funky Chicken as joyfully as Rufus intended it to be.

1. Big hair

Big hair is good hair! Try your hair in an enormous style and feel the difference.

For the boys - Try a gravity-defying Little Richard inspired quiff, or a fabulous James Brown bouffant, it will look fantastic and the ladies will really dig it.

For the girls - some backcombing and hair lacquer will guarantee you a massive, and impressive, beehive hairdo, (think Amy Winehouse minus the illicit drug use, or try a Diana Ross or Tina Turner style to brilliant effect).

Big hair will not only get you closer to Heaven, it can also provide an excellent diversion if none of the steps (1-4) outlined above have improved your dancing. Position yourself correctly on the dance floor, and your hair could cause an eclipse of the lighting rig, ensuring that your dancing faux pas will go unnoticed in the half-light and intermittent cries of “who turned off the lights?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?
Classes are casual so there’s no need to book, just come along when it suits you!

What should I wear?
Wear something you feel comfortable dancing in, and remember, we are in a venue, not the gym, there’s no need to wear gym gear unless you actually want to! Runners are not usually recommended as they can stick a bit when you’re doing the twist, but if you love runners, wear them anyway then twist in your socks! Please don't wear thongs, they are not made for dancing!

Do I need to bring anything?
No, just bring yourself and your enthusiasm! Bringing a friend is good too (then you’ll get the Bring a Friend Discount)!

(NB, we dance in licensed venues, so bringing your own drink is not recommended).

Do I need to pay in advance?
No, payment on the night, before the class begins is fine.

If you wish to purchase a 6-class pass for $75, the pass will entitle you to six classes, plus your first class free. Nice one! Passes can be used at any time and you don’t need to attend classes over consecutive weeks.

Everyone is welcome at Anna’s Go-Go classes, the majority of the students are women but there are some men too. Go-Go dancing is great for men, and men look great go-go dancing, just look at Elvis!



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