Anna's Go-Go Academy

Anna's Go-Go Academy, Lets Get Physical
Hide and Seek Melbourne

Always danceable, never predictable.

Do the twist! Do the hully-gully! Do the Hillsong hands! Everything goes at Anna’s Go-Go Academy, a weekly cardiac-boosting, butt-jiggling workout that’s all about having a laugh and listening to some rockin’ tunes while you watusi up a sweat.

In these unique classes, go-go guru Anna resurrects forgotten dance moves from the 1960s to a soundtrack that ranges from Elvis to the Detroit Cobras via Blondie, Normie Rowe and Ray Barretto. Two left feet? Relax. Nobody cares as long as you give it a red-hot crack – which is a major part of these classes’ unpretentious charm. Young, old, female, male, straight, gay, hipster, square – they’ll all be there alongside you, shaking it like the proverbial Polaroid picture.

But the main attraction is Anna herself. A modern-day Denise
Drysdale*, the only thing bigger than Anna’s hair is her personality. Dressed to kill in vintage mini-dresses and immaculate burlesquebombshell make-up, she keeps up a running commentary throughout the classes, cracking endless jokes, singing along to the music and holding forth on subjects as diverse as perms, bingo wings*, her pet rabbit and Carmen Electra. As an added bonus, classes generally take place in
a pub, so it probably won’t be Gatorade you’ll be drinking to keep up your fluids.


- Samantha Wilson


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